What is a backlink: A Guide on how to get one

by: Dale Roxas
| April 21, 2021
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The industry of SEOs changes at such an extreme pace that marketers evolve their strategies every year and shift their focus. When someone links to your website, it will make backlinks. If someone links it to another website, they have a backlink. The links of a page from one website to another are called backlinks.

What are Backlinks?

It is a simple link created from one website links to another. Backlinks are known as “incoming links” or “inbound links,” and it is essential to SEO.

High-quality backlinks can help to increase a website’s ranking position and visibility in search engine results (SEO).

There are two types of backlink:

  1. Nofollow tells the search engine to “ignore” the link. they do not help improve your search rank or visibility. It is also considered a harmful or toxic link. The links that come from unknown websites violate the search engine terms of service.
  2. Dofollow is the type of backlink that everyone wants. It will help you improve your search engine rankings, and all those websites are coming from trusted and respected sites that hold value the most. 

How does it work?

Significant role-playing in search engine algorithm, SEO, and overall strategy for growing websites is Backlinks. The easiest way to create backlinks would be through conversations between websites. The more votes you get from websites with authority, the effect on a website’s ranking and search visibility is more positive. It’s a win-win situation.


Why is it important?

Backlinks are precious for SEO. It is the signal to your website that will vouch for your content in the search engine. Earning your backlinks can positively affect a website’s ranking position and visibility in search engines. It exists to influence people to valuable resources, so that is why it is clickable, then the clicks on the link of your website will get referral traffic.


How will I get more?

Building your backlinks to your website needs time and effort. Here are the ways that can help to get more backlinks:

  •   You are adding links to your social media profiles about your website.
  •   Performing a Google search of a post that already exists will help to rank your website well to develop and improve it.
  •   Creating helpful content with embedded videos such as blogs and feedback will help reach your audience to help you to earn backlinks than unusual posts.
  •   Finding influencers that suit your niche or industry and informing and interviewing them about an article on your website may allow them to collaborate with you.

Backlinks can be challenging to earn. Maintaining your track on your backlink profile will tell you a lot about the value of your website and is an essential part of your website’s SEO strategy.

Having backlinks is critical to have from quality websites, and those backlinks should be contextual. You should know your goal to get links from reliable and relevant websites. Start working on a link-building strategy to improve your search visibility because external links still matter and are not obsolete.