How important PPC for Small Business

by: Dale Roxas
| April 3, 2019
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PPC Small Business

PPC or Pay-per-click, is an internet marketing model that is used to direct traffic to websites, where the advertiser is permitted to pay the search engine a sum of the payment each time the ad gets clicked. It is a method of buying traffic to your websites rather than earning the traffic organically.

A general idea about PPC advertising is that it allows advertisers to bid for the ad placement in the search engine’s sponsored links when someone searches for a certain keyword that is relating to the advertisers business or services they are offering. For example, when we bid on a keyword “PPC Management Expert”, our ad might show up in the top spot of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Every time the ad is clicked, a visitor is sent to our website. With this, we have to pay the search engine a sum of amount depending on how much we declared and how many times the ads had been clicked.

How relevant is PPC for Business?

When looking for a way to advertise your product with either limited or hefty funds, there are quite a few ways that you could achieve it. Since we are on a digital age, it is essential to make use of a more effective approach such as Pay Per Click in form of Google Adwords.

Adwords is a straight forward system where you only pay what you’ve used, and your ad will show up on the page ranking till it consumes your daily allowance.

This is where the ads manager will have to work their way to improve the account through certain strategies that will be greatly beneficial to the Return of Investments (ROI).

Managing the accounts through adwords console:

Add Keywords

By adding keywords, you are expanding your reach that is relevant to the said business.

Add Negative Keywords

Non converting keywords should be removed since its consuming the budget and in turn, will improve the account.

Split Ad Groups

Frequent experiments to improve the quality score is greatly beneficial by splitting your ad groups to become much smaller and relevant. This will help create more ad text and landing pages.

Review Keywords

Reviewing under performing and costly keywords is necessary for improving your campaign.

Refine / Create Landing Pages

Modifying contents and Call to Action (CTA) of the landing pages greatly improve the Click Through Rate (CTR).


PPC is suitable for all business and having a PPC as part of your marketing strategies will greatly bolster your business potential. Optimizing and Building marketing strategies is a job for PPC Managers. You can either study it on your own or hire someone to do it for you.